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Super Combo Offer

Kids in Preschool

Double the Fun, Double the Learning - Save $200 with Our Combo Offer!

Here's How it Works:

  • Pick Your Passions: Browse our diverse selection of Summer Camp courses, including Chess, Abacus, Dance, and more!

  • Double the Learning: Choose TWO different courses to create a well-rounded summer experience for your child. Develop their analytical skills with Chess, sharpen their math fluency with Abacus, or ignite their creativity with Dance!

  • Unlock Savings: Enjoy a special discounted price of just $599 when you enroll in TWO courses together (regular price would be $800).

Why Choose the Braud Gauge Summer Camp Combo?

  • Double the Exposure: Explore two different subjects and expand your child's knowledge base.

  • Develop Well-Rounded Skills: Combine a creative course like Dance with a logical one like Chess for a balanced learning experience.

  • Unbeatable Value: Get exceptional instruction and double the fun for a fantastic price!

  • Flexible Learning: Choose courses that fit your child's interests and schedule.


This Combo Offer is Perfect For:

  • Parents who want to provide their children with a variety of learning experiences during the summer break.

  • Individuals looking for a cost-effective way to explore multiple interests.

  • Students who thrive in diverse learning environments.

Course Price : $599    Dates : 2nd June - 31st July 2024

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