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Abacus Summer Camp: Master Math Like a Magician (8 Weeks)

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Through interactive online sessions and engaging activities, we'll introduce them to the amazing world of the abacus, an ancient calculating tool. This comprehensive camp is perfect for children ages 5-16.​

Throughout the camp your child will learn?

  • Master mental math: Using the abacus, campers will develop strong mental calculation skills, solving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and even division problems with lightning speed!

  • Boost confidence: Witnessing their newfound abilities will build confidence and a love for learning math.

  • Sharpen cognitive skills: Abacus training stimulates brain development, improving memory, concentration, and critical thinking.

  • Have a blast!: Our camp combines learning with fun activities, games, and challenges to keep your child engaged throughout the summer.

Our 8-week program is designed for a smooth progression, building a strong foundation in abacus math and preparing them for the intermediate level:

Weeks 1-2: Abacus Fundamentals :

  • Introduction to the abacus and its parts (beads, rods, frame).

  • Understanding the positional value system on the abacus.

  • Basic bead manipulation techniques (single-digit counting, movement).

  • Fun exercises to solidify understanding.


Weeks 3-5: Conquering Addition & Subtraction :

  • Adding and subtracting single-digit numbers on the abacus with ease

  • Progressing to two-digit and multi-digit addition and subtraction

  • Introduction to complementary addition and subtraction techniques

  • Interactive games and quizzes to reinforce learning

  • Regular assignments to assess progress and provide practice


Weeks 6-8: Stepping Up to Multiplication & Division (Preparation) :

  • Understanding the concept of multiplication and division on the abacus.

  • Performing basic multiplication and division problems on the abacus.

  • Building a strong foundation for advanced multiplication and division techniques (covered in future intermediate modules).

  • Challenging puzzles and activities to solidify concepts.

  • Mock assessments to prepare for the intermediate level.

  • Interactive activities and games to reinforce learning.

Braud Gauge Advantage :

  • Downloadable worksheets and practice exercises with answer keys (for self-assessment)

  • Progress tracking and support throughout the camp, including instructor feedback on assignments.

By the end of this 8-week camp, your child will be:

  • Confident in using the abacus for basic calculations

  • Equipped with a strong foundation for tackling advanced math concepts

  • Prepared to seamlessly transition to our Braud Gauge Abacus Intermediate Module (optional)

Course Duration: 24 Live Interactive Sessions    Price : $399    Dates : 2nd June-31st July 2024​

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